Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who doesn't love a SOCK PUPPET?

This past week I have downloaded another 20 apps at least and this one stands out.

SOCK PUPPETS: It is exactly what you think, but BETTER!  This app allows you to record and act out scenes with sock puppets. You can post your finished product to You Tube or Facebook. I already posted my mini skit to my Facebook page with much ease.  You must be asking yourself, what would you pay for such an app.  Wait for it...... IT IS FREE!  There are lots of basics to work with, but of course they have upgrades that can be purchased.

Since I cannot just share ONE app here are a few more:

This app is for a child practicing fractions, decimals, and whole numbers.  Try putting all of these different numbers on a NUMBER LINE. Yes it is FREE.

To practice word sounds download WORDBALL . It is a FREE app put out by PBS and the Electric Company. Has a video to teach you about the sound or word and then a little quiz after.  You work up to different levels.

Here is one for the parents: MOVIE CAT  It is the lite version so you can test it out (which is free). I got it free when it was on APP SHOPPER.  Not for kids because they just have not seen the movies to answer the trivia questions. So take a break from Angry Birds and play a little Movie Cat.

Once again, if you have apps that you like and would like to share please post them in the comments section.

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