Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My second list of recommended Apps

As promised I am posting more apps!  

I will also post when apps become free if they are apps of substance.  For example two days ago, Boggle was free to download for the day.

Geared and Geared 2: This game promotes critical thinking and problem solving.  Geared two has a gerbil in the wheel that gets thrown off when the gears are all put in the correct order. This maybe disturbing to some, so you might want to stick with just Geared.

Fractions App: Great app for learning and practicing fractions.

Apples in Hour Hands: App will help your child practice telling time.

Toontastic: Allows your child to create a cartoon with characters from the apps gallery.

StoryBuddy: Allows the user to create an ebook.  Users can add images, draw and enter text then export as a PDF and into many book readers. 

Spellboard: User can enter weekly spelling words as well as record oneself saying the word then practice spelling them.

Playtime Theater: User can act out a play with characters, record audio and even set lighting.  Allows for endless options to be creative.

Monster Chorus: Of all the apps that I have downloaded that offer sound this is the one with the most pleasant. This app acts as a piano type application. 

MoMA AB EX NY: This app allows you to expose your child to some of the best known artists work and give them exposure to some of the MOMA without the drive.

Live Sketch: If your child enjoys sketching, this is the app to get.  This is the best drawing app I have come across.

If you have any suggestions please post them in then in the comment section.

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